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   Internet, technology and IT sector continues to shrink the world in this way, this way any organization can easily reach target audiences. How important way here with whom you have received from your partner to tell you apart from the institutions to reach the same audience.

    Spatial and Urban expressions, especially in their own branch of the Earth and of Turkey is one of firm Axima. Axima firm located in central Izmir Izmir origin and architecture, software, production, post production, studio services and equipment and carries its own on-site team.

    Turkey's most elite private and public institutions, adopted by the company as a solution partner, the Ministry of Transportation and interactive presentation of architectural projects in Turkey and 2023 were prepared. Together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism "Evliyaç" Turkey has Introduction platform project. Izmir, Manisa, Mardin, the official agency of the provinces of Aksaray. For fairs organized by TOBB "Fairarena" Turkey virtual exhibition platform and the project is carried out



  Abroad, especially virtual tour technology company in R & D and projects, followed closely since the beginning of 2011 the government of Saudi Arabia and has been a project for the Ministry of Culture. Covering the entire Arabian peninsula of the project will be completed in 2014.

    And the Republic of Turkey and the World basketball championship fiba basketball federation software, web, interactive content served successfully on.

    Vestel company branded interactive content sağlıyacısı housing in the private sector, especially the AXIMA Hotel, Health, Education and Industry sectors, Brand claimed that Turkey continues to provide a large number of companies.

  Our company operates around 20 commercial portal software and the company, so the availability of space and cities, narration and presentation and to increase their knowability is a unique experience.

     Text Lightning was established 10 years ago in 2001 by a special circuit design, industrial electronics, and a core team of 4 people in the company started to provide the service over time, internet, software, production, started to provide architectural services, today has caught up with the last 5 years. 35 technical staff and project co-ordinator incorporating next 10 field lies at the firm's head office in Izmir.




Research and development department, followed by the new technologies, our company has managed to capture the firsts in its sector and the company has become the continuous monitoring of this issue.

Mission :

Aspire owned projects as a priority for customer satisfaction and gain maximum benefit from the result in favor of the provision of customer relationship ..