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What is a Virtual Tour?

  Virtual Tour (Virtual Tour) gives the impression of three-dimensional image through panoramic photos, latest technology, software, and visual media applications on the transfer of your photos on the Internet, such as interactive as any visitor flow through creating a feeling of space, providing a visual application in on.

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Gait Simulation

  Transferred to the city's historic sights and natural beauty of the 360-degree environment with eye-controlled navigation of the walking belt and head providing a new platform.

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Vehicle Simulation

Cities factories, hotels, municipalities and historic sights automobile, truck, goal tool, pedalo and so on. different simulation tools based on the 360-degree Sanaltur provides visitors with a more real and an increased publicity. 

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Bus Simulation

Especially adapted to the city demonstrations of this simulation with the virtual bus with a guide if there are browsing the feeling of the head controlled by Glasses offers visitors an enormous media. 

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Air Simulation

The promotion of an open-air spaces that breathe new air parachute adapted to simulate the possible introduction of an alternative system that provides a feeling of flight.


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Museum Guide Pad

Museum guide pad is a product that is made for giving  true information about items in interactive way.At the same time it  makes visitors have much more time in  museums.


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